About us


Our group started casually in 2015 with just a few of us regularly getting together to make gifts for women living in safe house accommodation. Our aim was to bring joy to the survivors of domestic violence at a time when they were feeling desperately alone at Xmas.


This concept very quickly grew as it provided purpose and an opportunity for volunteers to learn a new skill, share some of their own talents and socialise with a beautiful crew of women.

By 2017 we became an Incorporated Association running 4 regular pods (activity groups), collaborations with schools and other charities and constantly sending our beautiful gifts to the increasing number of vulnerable groups in the community. We work in partnership with established charities as well as grassroots community groups who engage in direct giving. We also donate directly to hospitals, nursing homes, schools and almost anywhere that needs some handmade love!

With love from

the OKT team 


What we do

There is a proven link of the emotional and physical benefits derived from doing acts of kindness, and at Our Kitchen Table, we have designed a way to do this and have a win - win - win formula.


We aim to bring community together to create heartfelt gifts for those in need.

We currently run activity Pods to make these gifts. Ranging from school aged children, young mums, middle aged mums and residents in a retirement village, our volunteers are enriched by making new connections, learning a new skill and donating their time and effort to a greater need. 

Meet our teams

Pod leaders  

Liz Davidson 

Vivienne Golabek 

Sheryl Sacher 

Our Board

Liz Davidson                   

Vivienne Golabek     

Harry Procel OAM         

Stephane Majman