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At the present time, Our Kitchen Table hosts a number of activity pods for a variety of ages as listed below. Currently Wednesday and Thursdays are available for participants to join in and believe us when we say that every little bit of help is appreciated and counts, especially for those in need.  We hope you can join us!

Activity Pods

How often can you say that you just love what you do?

Well we each say it after every single Pod session.  

There are many ways for you to get involved with Our Kitchen Table, one of which is to come to one of our Pods. Not only will you get a chance contribute to an amazing cause, but you will also meet awesome people and make life-long friends. We gain so much joy from the connections, the energy and the richness emanating from each pod.

Start your own POD

Do you see yourself as a leader and would like to host an activity pod?  

We now have an opening for YOU. 
Times available are  Tuesday afternoon, or a week night.



Let your week take off with volunteering at our Monday pod.  This pod offers a variety of activities such as knitting, crafting, sewing, crocheting, wrapping, packing. In fact there is something for everyone to get involved with.  You don’t need artistic ability to come and have fun, you’ll meet some new people, make new friends and feel rewarded by getting involved in doing something kind for someone in need.



For any enquiries please contact


1st Tuesday of the month at Viv’s. Created just for people who can’t make our day time pods, this pod invites you to come and spend a fun evening at Viv’s around the table. There’s a relaxed and fun vibe with plenty of laughter, stimulating discussion and the opportunity to make a new friend, all while making beautiful products for women and children living in safe-houses.  



For any enquiries please contact


Pod leader - Sheryl Sacher


This exciting new activity pod is a collaboration with Jewish Care and the adults living with disability at The Manders Villas independent living units.


Combining an atmosphere of fun and light-heartedness, this group works together to make gifts for those in need in the community.


We encourage all participants to use this opportunity to grow by learning new craft skills whilst at the same time participating in an act of kindness by making something with love for someone else. 




If you know of anyone who would like to join this group please contact




POD Leader - Liz Davidson


Thursdays at Sheridan Hall are a mix of humour, creativity and friendship.  The residents await with excitement at what delicious treats Denise has made for them this week.


Here the residents have been involved in creative activities that add joy to their lives. Firstly, when we encouraged them to enjoy painting, their instant reaction was ‘please don’t ask me to paint, I’m not good at it’, this attitude quickly changed and very soon everyone was happily contributing to weekly painting of small cards.


We joined 100’s of business size cards and made them into a collage that says ‘Sheridan Hall’ that sits proudly on their dining room wall.  Peppered into the production of these activities has been the humour, the fun and the frivolity of this lively blend of South Africans, Aussie’s, Poles and Israeli’s coming together to share the riches of their lives.



If you know of anyone who would like to join this group please contact



Unexpected kindness is the most powerful

least costly & the most underrated agent of

human change.

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