Wow! We've reached 100 hours making gifts

It's truly amazing what can be achieved when you really believe strongly in your purpose.

Here are some of the things Our Kitchen table have completed since August:

  1. Painted collage – Sheridan Hall (using 100’s of original pieces of art)

  2. Made 2000 scrapbooking kits

  3. Packed 1200 mini tissues into fabric covers as part of a gift for women in crisis accommodation.

  4. Packed 850 drawstring lavender bags with potpourri

  5. Made 850 pieces of jewellery

  6. Made 240 pyramid lavender bags with tassels

  7. Packed 155 pencils cases into handmade pencil rolls

  8. Sewn 50 scarfs with tassels

  9. Sewn 25 bandanas for boys and girls

  10. Made 75 beaded charm bracelets for girls

The time taken to make these beautiful gifts has totaled over 100 hours and we feel so blessed to have a wonderful group of women coming together regularly to give of their precious time.

So what's next for Our Kitchen Table?

It breaks our hearts that over 22 thousand people are currently homeless in Victoria with over 56% aged 34 and under.

Our expansion visions are big and include the following:

  • Making a parcel of essential items for each person living either on the street or in temporary housing. Our pilot programme will begin with inner city Melbourne and then hope to progress to wider Victoria.

  • We also look forward to creating a food arm specifically for making baked gifts to nourish and feed the soul.

In order for our current activity pods to continue and for the development of our new projects we completely depend on donations of resources, whether it be money, fabrics, jewellery components, stationery items, whatever would be available. However, the most important ingredient are the volunteers who step up and join in, who come along to our pods and meet new people and create beautiful items for someone in need.

Want to get involved? Find out how here.