Making a Difference on Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day is a fabulous annual event on the Jewish calendar. It was born out of the belief that every single one of us can make a positive difference to our world by simply coming together and taking action. Every little thing that we as individuals do to help those within the broader community who are most in need, collectively makes a huge difference.

Our Kitchen Table had the privilege of participating in Mitzvah Day 2017. With the generous support of the National Council of Jewish Women we were able to set up seven activities for our wonderful volunteers to enjoy. The activities which included tassel making, card writing, beading, jewellery making, scarf sewing, and scrap booking, were engaging and fun. The room was filled with warmth, chatter and laughter as new friendships were made and old friendships rekindled, all whilst participants busily fashioned and formed whichever item they were creating.

The wonderful comradery and creativity that permeated the space that day, had an even deeper and more powerful purpose than pure entertainment and friendship, however. The nearly 100 people of all ages, that came through the doors and participated in Mitzvah Day on behalf of Our Kitchen Table, were in fact making gifts for women and children living in safe-houses. These heartfelt gifts were then incorporated into the incredible Christmas hampers that IMPACT for Women were putting together to deliver to those in need.

It’s profoundly sad to think that on any given night there are over 800 women and children living in hiding across Victoria. It’s incomprehensible to imagine that so many innocent people have no choice but to find refuge away from those in their lives that are supposed to love and care for them the most.

Our Kitchen Table prides itself on being an organisation that not only tries to find ways to assist those most in need from a practical perspective, but also aims to try and help repair the soul by sending gifts of love, words of comfort and messages of kindness to those most in distress. The activities that we participated in on Mitzvah Day acted as vehicles to do just that.

Remember, every little act of kindness always makes a difference. The kinder we act, the kinder our world will be.