3 new pods commence for Our Kitchen Table

The business of this week was well the efforts of our amazing team.

Jewellery Making on Tuesdays began when Tovia generously donated all of her stock from a jewellery business she once ran. She successfully teaches everyone at the table about the art of connecting components to making beautiful pieces.

The connection of the pieces is mirrored by the many connections and networks created at the table. In fact, we probably have created mini J-seeks in each pod, as there is always someone who knows someone to find the solution to an issue.

From the beginning, these participants just connected and what a buzz it is when women of all ages (meeting for the first time) discover their commonalities. And how gorgeous that from this began coffee dates, walking sessions and lunches.

Handiworks at Leah’s on a Wednesday took off from day 1 with a gathering of women coming together to make a difference. Sewing, laughing, tassel-making, laughing, filling pot- pourri bags, chatting, writing gift cards, meeting new friends.

Lastly but definitely not least the 3rd new pod for this week took place as a regular activity for Bialik College year 8 and 9 Etgar programme where the students choose an activity to do to help a community organization.