Mitzvah Day 2018 with Our Kitchen Table

Mitzvah Day 2018 is nearly here and will take place on Sunday November 18, 2018. Mitzvah Day represents a day where volunteers all around the world come together on one day in their respective cities, to give of their time and abilities to contribute to various projects that are designed to support and assist those less fortunate.

This year Our Kitchen Table is proud to once again be participating in Mitzvah Day whereby the creativity, kindness and generosity of our many volunteers will combine in unison to continue to help enhance and empower the lives of people in need.

Mitzvah Day is about people of all ages and stages coming together for a greater good and aligns with Our Kitchen Table’s values of connection, community, inclusivity, creativity and empowerment. Our Kitchen Table’s action on Mitzvah Day will reflect our weekly activity pods, whereby volunteers will be engaged in craft related activities that will lead to the production of items that will go to women and children living in safe houses or those on the streets sleeping rough.

Your contribution is so appreciated, and it doesn’t matter what it is that you choose to do or how small your contribution – any act of kindness and giving will help make a difference to someone in need. Mitzvah Day is a day of being able to be involved in something wonderful, positive and special and knowing that when you walk away and go back to your own life, that you’ve helped make a difference to someone else’s.

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