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Boi in conversation with Cynthia (Sheridan Hall)

​​You would have noticed over the past few months, the fresh happy faces of Lucy and Boi floating around our Monday pod at NCJW. These lovely young ladies are both final year students from Monash University and have been working closely with their supervisor, our very own Dr Barbara Davis in developing a pilot study which has been designed and tailored specifically with you the volunteers in mind.

Why are we doing this, you may well ask.

You see over the past 22 months and some 150 activity pods later we have had a lot of volunteers come and donate their amazing skills and energy towards making beautiful gifts for people in need, in particular to the women and children who are residents in the WLHWH (a refuge for women with and without children escaping family violence). You can read more about this refuge here -https://www.wlhh.org

The students, together with Barbara have developed a pilot study asking specific questions around whether coming along to Our Kitchen Table does in face make a difference. We are interested in exploring the greater meaning of the volunteer experience, and specifically what draws volunteers to this kind of charity work, and what benefits the volunteers might experience by regularly attending. All the volunteers taking part in this pilot study remain anonymous and all responses are coded. The data is securely stored in a locked file and only the research team have access to this data. No names, stories or any details will be released which could identify a particular participant. Your privacy is of our utmost respect.

If you have missed out on this mini interview with the students and would like to participate, you only have a few more weeks to participate, so please contact us to confirm at time.

What might seem like just a few minutes of your precious time in sharing your responses with the research team, could not only help to improve the volunteer experience, but potentially open up possibilities for future funding and support for us to continue to do what we love at Our Kitchen Table.

Ultimately the results of this pilot study will be written up and presented to interested and appropriate parties, namely potential sponsors of Our Kitchen Table, grant applications, journals and magazines.

We are very grateful for this opportunity and thank the students Lucy and Boi, and of course Monash University for providing us with these delightful interns. None of this could have come about without Barbara’s expertise, passion and her vast knowledge base. What began as an interesting and exciting discussion and vision, about a year ago between the 2 of us, has now become a reality and the process has begun and is well underway, and we are very excited about seeing this happen. We look forward to updating you with progress reports.


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