You can always learn something new

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" - Zig Ziglar

Our dad was recently in hospital here in Dallas, and we spent many many hours sitting around patiently waiting in hospital corridors, lounges, waiting rooms, and at his bedside whilst in Intensive Care and then finally for weeks while he was in rehab after his recent surgery. This is where I acquired the skill of crochet and patience.

Now I have finally mastered the craft of crocheting a simple blanket stitch - don't laugh some people just take longer to learn a new skill than others. 😂

Thanks to the wonderful patience of my sister who insisted that I didn't throw in the towel, and helped me to believe that patience makes perfect.

Many many squares were pulled out, only to start over and over again, but I am now proof that it is indeed practice and patience that is exactly what you need, and I can finally boast with pride that one poor motherless baby will receive one of my blankets that was made with an enormous amount of love.

Yahoo !!!

Caring Crafters (sister organization to Our Kitchen Table located in Dallas USA) and started by my sister Elaine will be happy to know they will be receiving some beautifully crocheted and knitted baby blankets. Having these blankets to make has kept both my sister and I sane during this time and helped us from not losing the plot AND at the same time maintaining a clear perspective to life.

Our Kitchen Table, you are in for a treat, I have progressed from planning to crochet.

Love Sheryl (from Dallas)