Hello 2020 - spreading kindness


I Come From A Land Down Under - It’s my home.

It’s OUR beautiful home and our home is burning.

We all love Australia - how could you not? We have waterfalls, rainforests, mountains and beaches. We have lush wine regions, deserts, caves, reefs and canyons. We have beautiful animals who are our friends - they are our family. We have our amazing culture which is envied around the globe.

Our Australian home is a paradise and what makes it so perfect is the love within it - the Australian Spirit 🇦🇺.


The bushfires are devastating. This may become one of the worst disasters Australia has to face as a country. Despite this, something incredible is starting to happen - Australians are standing up to fight and protect our home. Just look at what is happening all over the country! Millions of dollars are being raised.

Thousands of volunteers are coming forward.

Millions of items of clothing, blankets and food have been donated.

Overseas aid and volunteers are arriving.

People are opening up their homes to those who are homeless. Schools are creating crèches for injured koalas and kangaroos.

Events are being held to make much needed items for the injured animals.

Teams are helping to rebuild fences.

Fodder donations are being provided and delivered to drought and fire locations.

..... the list is endless.


There is something so unbelievably special about our country. It is something that lies in the heart of every Australian. It’s a loyalty and a commitment to be there for others when help is needed and it’s a promise to protect and defend our cherished home, no matter what.

.... Mel Novak


We begin our new year at Our Kitchen Table giving thanks to all the amazing volunteers, sponsors, partners, stay at home crafters, and you for your support, and your kindness in spreading our messages and for your donations of resources, which keep us going.

We look forward to beginning our pods the 1st week of February, and apart from continuing with our essentials pack, we will also be making items in need for injured animals. Our teams are going to be super busy this year, and we will need lots of people on board to help out. It doesn't matter what your skill level is, we can teach you and would love you to come and join us.

Watch this space for new and innovative workshops and events that will inspire the creative in you. More info of that to come.

Come and join Our Kitchen Table and together we can inspire others and help spread kindness.

Much love and looking forward to seeing you.

Liz Davidson

(Founder and CEO)

p.s. Shout out to sarahsmilescrations for the gorgeous flower heart. Check out her instagram page- amazing.