Time to think 'we', not 'me'.

One thing is for sure, is that we have never been witness to a global pandemic before, and on so many levels this has been a first, and the unknowns are scaring us all. As a society, we're facing a number of challenges - medically, ec

onomically, logistically, emotionally, and so on. But that is no reason to panic. Please, please trust that we will get through it and probably sooner than you think. (the Chinese are already starting to see the end of the cycle there) 

One of the best statements going around now is that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, and I believe that the key to getting through anything this big is staying positive and via the collective support and love that we all share. 

Here are some ways to help you get through this time. 

  • Let’s stay informed via accurate and reliable sources, not just a meme from a well-meaning fb post. Don’t be news obsessed, but rather check out the news once a day and certainly not before you go to bed. (make sure you’re tuning in to a reliable source) – Balance the general news reports by regularly viewing positive and inspiring news reports such as 

  • Maintain your optimum health and wellbeing. That is being as hygienic as you possibly can, and staying up to date with the best guidelines for virus containment.

  • Make sure you get enough sleep each night.

  • Keep up your exercise. There are plenty of online fun activities to join such as Zumba dance or find an online yoga class to subscribe to. 

  • Fear and anxiety can drive us to be very self-focussed.  Let’s aim for staying well together. Keep your mind as stress free as possible. Learn how to meditate (if you don’t already)

Try out https://insighttimer.com for many easy to do options.  
Or another good site to check out is: https://www.virusanxiety.com/?utm_source=Shine&utm_medium=ShineWeekly
  • Enjoy eating nutritiously balanced and healthy meals, best made at home using fresh ingredients. 

  • For some being home bound is a blessing, and for others it’s a nightmare.  Are you aware of your friends who are in the latter category?  Check in on each other and make some random kindness phone calls, send a text, reach out and connect and see how they are doing. Maybe start a group chat on What’s Ap or face time video with a bunch of friends, or ask to join our “Lets get happy” What’s Ap group. Register on Facebook to the Jewish Response Coronavirus group: 

https://www.facebook.com/groups/215421613037244/ are a group that can help if you need anything at all.  
They are also looking for volunteers. 
  • Humour – watch out for the funny memes on facebook, and balance your TV viewing with comedy movies and light-hearted shows. 

  • Support your local small business first (rather than the big chain groups) 

  • Now is an excellent to help spread kindness by reaching out to those that are not able to freely obtain their staple items, including food, and general groceries. Ask yourself how you can help out a friend or neighbour.

  • Be creative – Marie Kondo each cupboard, or make your own antiseptic hand wipes (as you can’t get them for love or money). Just buy make up wipes and methylated spirits and pour a few drops into the packet and voila, you have antiseptic wipes. 

Look at how the Italians are embracing this time, of shut down. https://www.instagram.com/p/B9uHxpwA2DA/
  • Our Kitchen Table is an awesome team and there are lots of ways we can make a difference to help those that are trying their hardest to keep the wheels rolling, namely hospitals and supermarkets.  

Maybe as a group we can help in particular emergency care workers in a hospital during this rough time, or what about, supermarket staff (who are constantly getting abused by the public). Wouldn’t it be nice to send something like a homemade cake or mini cakes or something along those lines. 

What about writing a card to a resident in an aged care facility. Knit or sew for Our Kitchen Table – we are always in need of items to donate to our vulnerable groups. If you are interested in seaming a piece of muslin for baby wraps, let us know.

  • Start or join in on a neighbourhood group who are sharing items they have surplus of until the local shop re stocks. 

Until next time, remember We are all in this together.

Hugs from Liz ❣️