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Who says boys can't knit!

During Melbourne’s coronavirus lockdown 2.0, Sara Nyborg challenged her 16-year old son, Andre, to knit a blanket to donate to someone doing it tough through Our Kitchen Table. With so many hours at home during this challenging time, Sara was keen for her kids to give back to the community and learn new skills.

We interviewed Andre, a year 10 student at McKinnon Secondary School, about why he took up his Mum’s challenge and what he gained as a result.

Our Kitchen Table:

Why were you and your Mum motivated to create this blanket to donate to charity?


I heard about Our Kitchen Table’s work through social media (Facebook) and believed that this was a good opportunity to learn something new, whilst also providing a better life for someone else. I guess this factor motivated me to give it a try, and with the help of my Mum this was a very fun task to do!

Our Kitchen Table:

How long did it take you to complete the project?


It took us around 2 months to complete the project, and I would say that I did most of the blanket. My mum helped with some technical difficulties. 

Our Kitchen Table:

Did you face any challenges in completing the project?


The only obvious issues that we had were when I made a few mistakes knitting, and we would end up having to redo stitches. I used my Mum’s left over yarn balls so I was a bit concerned if the quantity was good enough but it turned out ok. 

Our Kitchen Table:

How did you feel after completing the project and donating your item?


We were very happy completing it, it felt good to have it finished, and ready to be given to someone. As a family we like to be involved with the community and help in what we can. 

Our Kitchen Table:

What would you say to other 16 year olds who are considering creating an item to support people in need?


I believe that it is definitely a task worth doing, it is time consuming indeed, but at the end of the day, you are not only learning a new technique, you are also learning skills such as time management. I still had time for studying and gaming! And it makes one feel really good helping others!

Sara Nyborg (Andre’s Mum):

I had to push for my boys to find other hobbies than their usual ones that have been postponed until restrictions are eased, like sports, or the tendency to play online with their friends all the time.

Hopefully Andre’s story will inspire other young adults to knit for others. He now can say he knows how to knit and sew! After we dropped off the blanket to Our Kitchen Table, Andre was so grateful he had done this and thankful to me for teaching him. I’m so proud of his efforts.

If you would like to donate an item to assist people in need, or learn a new skill, please contact Liz Liz@ourkitchentable.org.au

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